If you have been in the local stock market in Malaysia for awhile you will be familiarized with the term “Buy Call”, which means a recommendation to buy a certain stock by someone.

It took me awhile to come out with a name for this website as I was thinking real hard for a name that can represent both our lovely country Malaysia and also its Investment & Finance’s scene, hence the name Buy Call.

Through Buy Call I will try my best to share with you my analysis, experience and insights not only on the stock market but also other investment opportunities out there in the local scene.

As an investor for almost 10 years in both local stock market and property market, I’ve had my fair share of the global economy ups and downs, the bull and bear cycles, market crashes, and all kinds of natural disasters, which is why I am here to share my thoughts on the market and investment ideas hoping that you do not have to go through the nightmares that I have been through. Also, I am hoping you will be able to learn a thing or two through my analysis to empower yourself to a better and smoother investment journey.

My investment philosophy includes Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, it does not matter which one comes first as both are equally important and can be used in a flexible manner. From time to time, I will write about some investing knowledges that I practice consistently in order for you to understand better on how I work my way to become a full time investor.

As a full time investor now, things might get a little lonely at times. So do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions that you will like to ask me.

Contact me at admin@buycall.my